Events are a way to track user actions on Website or Mobile Apps.
You can create events unders Events Tab
Ex: Add to Cart, Order Placed... etc.,
While creating event you need to provide name, and any optional properties that ypu want to track with that event.
Use the below function to trigger any of your custom events to Adohm Analytics.
The event track function is how you record any actions your users perform on your site, along with the properties that describe the action (event)When user clicks any button or link, simply trigger eventTracker function, to track the event.Note: Change all the properties with real values before triggering the event. Please make sure you installed adohm analytics code before doing this action.
Example of event:
var adohmAnalytics = window.adohmAnalytics;
var eventTracker = function() {
adohmAnalytics.track('event', {
name: 'ADD_TO_CARD',
type: 'click',
data: {
"name": "iPhone 11 Pro Max",
"currency": "inr",
"price": 1,24,900,
"category": "electronics",
"subCategory": "mobiles",
"color": "space grey",
"brand": "apple"
You can create any number of events according to your business requirements.