Whenever a user visited your website, a dynamic digital id will be provided to that browser or device. And this dynamic digital id will be used to map all the user actions on your website.
Once you are able to identify the user at certtain points like register, login or profile update, you can map that use with the existing ananynimous behaviour.
Adohm's Identify track call lets you map a real user to their pre existing actions (which they have already done) and upcoming actions (what they do in future). Identify track will accept the data in below format. It will take an object with two properties id and user. ID is unique id which you can identify the user uniqly in your website and user is an object that contains the traits about the user like name, email, phone... etc.,
Example of Identify Call:
var adohmAnalytics = window.adohmAnalytics;
adohmAnalytics.track('identify', {
id: 111276,
user: {
name: 'Mark',
phone: '9652650105',
country: 'India',
interests: ['music', 'sports', 'chess']
You can use the same call whenever you want to update the user